Review of Michelina’s Fried Rice

Michelina’s Chicken Fried Rice is just one of the many Michelina’s frozen meals that can be bought at a great price. I decided to try the Michelina’s Fried Rice since it was a quick and easy meal for one and could be made with a rice cooker that i got from Ricecookerworld. I hoped that it would be as great tasting as some of the other Michelina’s products that I have tried. Michelina’s Fried Rice is a mixture of white rice, square white chicken pieces and peas and carrots. This simple combination is appetizing and given the quantity of a serving is also filling. A serving size could easily be cut in half and served as two side dishes. This makes more sense considering the sodium amount.

Some of the peas in particular seemed freshly steamed but the carrots were soft and pliable. Square white chicken pieces were not skimped on but was mixed throughout the meal. The white rice was deliciously seasoned. The taste of Michelina’s Fried Rice was acceptable especially considering the low cost of the meal.

Cooking a box of Michelina’s Fried Rice is easy. Pull open a corner of the box to vent and then microwave for two minutes. Stir and microwave for another two minutes. So simple a young kid can do it.

Despite the ease of cooking and however tasteful it is, Michelina’s Fried Rice has a very large setback. The sodium amount is a staggering 1140 mg or a 48 percent of the Percent Daily Values. This could very well be dangerous to high blood pressure patients and other sodium restricted dieters. While there is eleven grams of fat, or seventeen percent, this number seems to shrink compared to the amount of sodium.

When I consider whether to recommend this product, I can’t help but to consider that many children are going to be given this as their lunch or supper, or both. So with the nutrition of those kids in mind I don’t recommend Michelina’s Fried Rice as anything more than an occasional meal. While Michelina’s Fried Rice tastes good, there is more nutritional meals from Michelina’s to be had for the same cost.

Michelina’s Fried Rice is available at most grocery stores like Walmart, Kroger, and Super Kmart. Currently, Michelina’s frozen dinners cost about one dollar or a dollar and some change. Michelina’s is American made so try Michelina’s Fried Rice or one of the other Michelina’s products like Spagetti with Meat Sauce or Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Flatbreads Chicken Club.

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